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A little over two years ago on one of those crisp, sunny November days I walked into the Hermitage, TN studio of producer/engineer/all-around genius Ray Kennedy (Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams).  We were going to cut three or four songs in one quick day with some of my dearest friends, who also happen to be some of the best musicians in Nashville. After everyone got settled in and we'd captured the basic tracks it dawned on me that I had ended up in one of those rock n' roll moments where you're pinching yourself just to realize you're alive and playing music for a living.
I wanted to hold onto that moment forever so I sat on one of Ray's leather couches and soaked in the scene: fall weather, a wall full of old guitars, tape machine running, old microphones and this strange little guy decked out in black leather and sterling silver jangles talking about John Lennon's pre-amp and putting harmonium on something (what was a harmonium?).  This had to be the only way to make records.
A year after that November day we were back at it with the smell of new tape in the air and my favorite people gathered around again. I had my partner in life and in crime, Nathan Chapman, co-producing with Ray and a groovy combination of Nick Buda on drums, Tim Marks on bass, Kenny Greenburg and Nathan on electrics, Dan Dugmore on pedal steel and yes, I played my little heart out on a lovely, old Gibson named Abraham.  After a few months and glitches that we still don't know how we scraped out of the record is finished.
I feel lucky to have been rescued from the depths of sadness so many times by music and I owe so much to it that I was compelled to do my very best on this album. For anyone who's listening know that I wrote these songs from my heart and tried to be dead honest in capturing them.  Now it's up to you to listen and decide whether or not we get along.  Do me a favor though; if you're going to listen get in the car on a sunny day, roll all the windows down and turn in up! 
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